Unimodels 331 OT-34/76 (1943)

OT-34/76 (1943) - Image 1
Skala: 1:72
Proizvođač: Unimodels
Šifra proizvoda: um331
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Šifra proizvoda:um331
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Dodano je u katalog:3.3.2006

OT-34 was a Soviet tank - a mobile flamethrower from the Second World War. The length of the wagon was 6.68 meters, with a hull of 3 meters. The tank was powered by a single, 500hp W-2-34 12-cylinder engine. The maximum speed on the road slightly exceeded 50 km / h. The OT-34 tanks were created on the basis of the T-34/76 vehicles, and their production started in the summer of 1942, although the first concept and design works took place in 1939-1940. Compared to the mass-produced T-34/76, the new vehicle differed slightly in its frontal armor and turret, as well as the armament of not only a 76.2 mm F-22 gun and a machine gun coupled with the gun, but above all with a thrower fire ATO-41 mounted in the fuselage, in the place of the machine gun. The supply of the mixture for the flamethrower (100-105 liters in volume) allowed for 10 "shots" lasting a few seconds each. It is worth noting that when the T-34/85 was introduced, a version of the mobile flamethrower was developed based on this tank (OT-34/85). It is assumed that by the end of World War II, around 1,380 OT-34 tanks based on the T-34/76 and T-34/85 vehicles had been built.

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Dodano je u katalog: 3.3.2006
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