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Draf Model 1-2-2015 Polski kuter torpedowy KTD-458 ORP Odważny

Polski kuter torpedowy KTD-458 ORP Odważny - Image 1
Skala: 1:50
Proizvođaè: Draf Model
©ifra proizvoda: DFM1-2-2015
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ProizvođaèDraf Model
©ifra proizvoda:DFM1-2-2015
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Dodano je u katalog:12.5.2015

ORP Brave (KTD-458) was a Polish torpedo boat from the post-war era. The keel for this unit was laid in 1972, and the launch took place in February 1973. The displacement of the unit reached 94 tons. The total length of the ship at the time of launching was 24.76 meters and a width of 7.79 meters. The maximum speed was up to 43 knots. The armament at the time of the launch consisted of four 533 mm torpedo tubes and a single 30 mm AK-230 double-barrel automatic cannon. It was also possible to replace two torpedo tubes with torpedo tubes for mines.

ORP Odwałny was one of the eight large Project 664 torpedo boats (NATO code: Vistula). Vessels of this type were designed in our country and were built by the Northern Shipyard in Gdańsk. Units of this type were a development of Project 663 and - very indirectly - of the Soviet Project 183 cutters. They were powered by a gas turbine and diesel engines. Units of this type, including ORP Odwałny, were not very successful. First of all, the propulsion system turned out to be problematic, but also the living conditions of the crew were low. In turn, the high maximum speed was determined by the water level and the weather. ORP Courageous served, from the moment of joining the navy, in the 2nd Missile and Torpedo Boat Division. In 1986, he was removed from the fleet. At present, it serves as an exhibit at the The White Eagle in Skarżysko-Kamienna.

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Dodano je u katalog: 12.5.2015
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